Curiosity rules

Curiosity Rules

A glimpse into the little things about us we think are pretty huge.

There is No B Team

We’re small. What you see is what you get. More importantly, who you meet on day one is who will be working on your business every day. Your core team is the entire agency, so you can count on getting the best—and knowing just who to call, to get just what you need.

We Have Great Ears

Some firms claim to have the answers before they’ve had a chance to get to know you. Not us. Questions come before answers. Our first job is to understand your challenges before we dive into solving. After all, it’s nice to be heard, don’t you think? We sure do.

The Message Matters

A picture may be worth 1000 words. But a well-crafted headline, nestled perfectly in the layout, turns good design into powerful communication.

Words. Are. Everything. Synergy was started by writers, and a commitment to the message remains at the heart of what we do.

A full-time, dedicated writer is at the table for every project and on task to ensure you sound as smart as you look.

We Pair Well

We’re good at what we do. And, we know we may not be all you need. We have our expertise. Your other agency partners have theirs. Need us to work with other agencies or your internal team? No problem. We find it creatively invigorating. And if we can’t serve your needs, we’re always happy to help you find someone who can. There’s plenty of talented professionals out there. Share the love..

We Say No

When you’re a client, you have our full attention. We spend our time immersed in serving your needs with our most excellent creative energy.

This means we don’t have extra space for chasing work that’s not a great fit. We turn down more clients than we accept. Our carefully selected relationships mean our amazing clients receive a resounding yes with every request. Just what you deserve.

Humans Work Here

We are experts, who also happen to be human.

Creativity is about taking some risks. So you won’t always get safe solutions from us, but we figure that’s not why you showed up on our doorstep in the first place.

We’ll take some smart chances together. We’ll celebrate our wins. And when the return is less than stellar, you won’t hear excuses. We’ll step up and bring an enriched perspective to the challenge. And that’s how innovation happens.