2 of 3 Students Wish They Were Better Prepared

“Emotional readiness” is a term making its rounds in the university world to describe reality schools are seeing with more and more students showing up feeling un- or under-prepared for college life.

Students who feel less emotionally prepared to tackle the social and academic challenges of post-secondary study report lower grades, and negative campus experiences according to a recent study. In fact, 60% of the 1,500 students surveyed said they feel more emotionally unprepared than their peers—and they wish they had received more support in making the transition. This points to a tremendous need for colleges to step up and do more to address the non-academic needs of their incoming freshman and students. Teaching students to cope with how they feel—and not just how to get good grades—is a critical need.

The ability to adapt to new environments, handle negative emptions in constructive ways, and forge healthy relationships are just some of the factors that contribute to a student’s overall success. How is your school meeting these needs, and how is addressing emotional readiness part of your student support plan?

The survey is a joint effort of the Jed Foundation, the Partnership for Drug-free Kids, and the Jordan Porco Foundation. Learn more, and download your copy of the study here.



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